A good bartender knows the recipes for a lot of different drinks. A great bartender knows all those recipes, but also knows how to make the simple, basic drinks really extraordinary. Internet surveys should be a market research company’s martini… whatever else you have on the menu, you have to be able to do this one right. In this case, “right” means using the internet survey to answer the correct questions for the client, using the correct sample and sample size, building questions that are valid and easy for participants to understand, and having a thorough understanding of – and ability to select and use – statistical analysis techniques. Most importantly, we also have to be able to tell you what those results mean in a way that is understandable and useful for your business.

At Paradigm2, we get internet surveys right. They are not the right tool to answer every question, and are not appropriate for every situation. We can, however, help you decide when they are appropriate, and then make sure you get the best value for your investment. Compare Paradigm2’s experience and skills to any other research company offering a similar service. Ask the competitor if they have taught graduate-level statistics classes. (We have.) Ask the competitor if they have their own participant database. (We do.) Ask them if they can take your research questions, develop a survey, collect and analyze the data, and report it to you in 3 days. (We can.) Finally, ask if they can beat Paradigm2’s price. (If they can, hire them.)

If you are interested in learning more about your customers, your product offerings, or your competitors for a very small investment of time and money, contact us to find out how an internet survey can help you accelerate your business.

Here are some examples of questions that Paradigm2 has addressed in recent survey research: