Focus Groups

The focus group is dead.

Well, sort of. Focus groups are still one of the most popular research tools in use today, probably because people are familiar and comfortable with them. However, many researchers and marketers have begun to say that the traditional focus group has outlived its usefulness. In some ways, this is true. The days of 12 or 14 women of the same age, same income level, and same shopping habits sitting behind a two-way mirror answering questions are probably at an end. We know that behavior is often very different from opinions, and there exists a great deal of research on how groups affect opinions and consensus.

However, there are still excellent options for this sort of research. Paradigm2 has extensive experience conducting mini-groups, which are smaller versions of the focus group, with 4 or 5 participants selected to complement each other and facilitate more honest opinion sharing. We have also organized “on-site” shopping groups, as well as “friendship groups,” which are similar to old-fashioned Avon Parties in which one person organizes a group of friends to talk about a product. These sorts of groups not only provide more valuable and pertinent data to the small business owner, but are MUCH quicker and less expensive to organize. Contact Paradigm2 to find out how we can put these cutting-edge methodologies to work for your business.

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