Ethnographic Studies

Ethnography is the science of contextualization. That means putting your customer’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior where they belong… in the context of their work and home lives. Decisions are not made in a vacuum, but for a long time, market researchers pretended they were. Ethnographic research brings the context back to research.

Many small business owners don’t realize how much information is available right at their fingertips, waiting to be collected and used. Sometimes, simple observation can tell you a great deal. Other times, it is necessary to record and analyze verbal protocols and behavioral checklists. The common thread, though, is that the researcher is present to observe and interpret the everyday interactions that a customer has with your product or service. Paradigm2 has experience in ethnography in a variety of domains. We have also used these sorts of studies in concert with techniques such as traffic pattern analysis, in which we record how, where, and when customers move about a retail space, informing you about where the “hot” and “cold” spots of your store are located.

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