Cognitive Interviewing

In certain cases, you just need to go deeper. Surveys and group techniques can tell you a great deal about your customers and their behaviors and opinions. But if you really want to know how your customers think about your product, you need in-depth interviews (“IDIs,” for short). This technique, even more so than all the others listed here, requires a very skilled interviewer in order to understand the psychology of the individual being studied.

These interviews can last more than 2 hours each, and you can be sure that you will learn several new things about your product from each interview… even if you’ve been selling it for decades. Once you know the basics about your customers (through a well-designed and executed online survey, for example), IDIs can be the difference between really understanding your customer and tapping into their unmet wants and needs, and just being another product fighting for a share of their “mindspace.”

To learn more about cognitive interviews and some advantages of this technique, please read Wil’s article published in Quirks Marketing Research Review. Then, contact Paradigm2 to discuss whether in-depth interviews might inform your strategic decision making.