We have simplified, streamlined, and mastered the research process for a small set of highly-relevant services for the owners of small and growing businesses. Paradigm2 is, itself, a small business, growing for the past five years. We understand – first hand – your concerns and priorities, as well as your needs and frustrations.

Market research for small businesses


The standard of market research methodologies still has a lot to offer small businesses interested in better understanding their market and customers.

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Focus Groups

One of the most important – and insightful – tools for adding depth and texture to your knowledge of customers’ opinions and beliefs.

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Cognitive Interviewing

When you need an extremely detailed, in-depth look at how your customers (or potential customers) think and make decisions.

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Ethnographic Studies

A great way to bring context back into what you know about consumer behavior.

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Website Usability

You probably never hear from the people who don’t interact positively with your website, but to increase your online effectiveness, you need to know what works, and what doesn’t.

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Competitive Intelligence

What the competition is doing CAN hurt you… but it can also help you understand your own business better, and inform your strategic decision-making for the future.

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Basic Research

From grant-writing and proposals, to research, statistics, and qualitative analysis… Paradigm2 can add value to research projects in psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, and other areas.

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Due Diligence

Investment decisions require informed and reliable research; that process becomes easier and more reliable with the right partner.

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HR consulting

Whether hiring a new employee or better understanding job satisfaction of your current workforce, asking the right questions makes all the difference.

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