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“The research conducted by Paradigm2 was a critical component of our galvanizing a market approach for Facio. The improved understanding of the market, competitive landscape and opportunity space didn't just position us for funding, it set us up to have a much greater chance for success in the market. In addition, the positive comments about the product from research participants went a long way to helping validate the vision.” Dirk Knemeyer,

“We choose to partner with Paradigm2 on all our client research needs because their depth of experience and level of expertise far exceeds that of any other firm with whom we’ve worked. They are a small firm by design giving us direct access to the actual research experts instead of just account service staff. Lastly, they truly understand marketing. They are able to analyze data from the perspective of a marketing professional giving us key insights into our customers that have the potential do drive new business.” Justin S.,
Co-Founder of Adept. Marketing Outsourced.