Doing Good

Paradigm2 believes that doing well entails doing good.

Technologia Para Educar

Therefore, we’re proud to support Technología Para Educar and Market for Change.

Technología Para Educar

Technología Para Educar is an efficiently-run organization committed to improving the quality of the educational system in Guatemala, by providing computers – and training on how to use them – to schools (especially rural schools) all across the country. The group is having a significant impact on the lives and future prospects of huge numbers of children, primarily through the contributions of private donors, institutional sponsors, and other NGOs.

Paradigm2 donates a percentage of the revenue from every project directly to Technología Para Educar.

Click here to see examples of some of their good work, or to find out how you can contribute.

Market for Change

Market for Change is a website community that is dedicated to integrating societal change with personal change. The site maintains a market where members can support social entrepreneurs and in exchange for their donations members receive discounts on products that encourage positive personal change. Through this online community members are also able to connect with peers and experts who share specific interests by participating in theme-specific Change Circles (such as entrepreneurship, sustainable business, etc.).

At P2 we believe in developing stronger communities (especially through the hard work of entrepreneurs) and we endorse the work of this project by serving as an advisor on their board.